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Leon in 1982
Portrayed by Trevor Jackson
Episode Bombers
Status Deceased (1982)

Leon is a character from "Bombers". He was Carlos Espinosa's best friend.

Leon was found by Carlos eating out of a dumpster. He took Leon under his wing, giving him the tag name 'Turbo'. Though Carlos was a free spirit, Leon seemed to hold himself back quite a bit due to his fear of heights, which was shown in the opening scene. Leon was fond of Ralph Waldo Emerson's poetry, his favorite verse being "When all is darkest, men see stars".

They also met Gina Lopresi, aka Talon, at King Tut's party. Don Bardwill the graffiti eraser followed them wherever they went. Carlos suspected that someone was snitching on them.

One night, as Carlos and Leon were on a rooftop, Don Bardwill caught them about to paint the wall. Carlos dashed off the rooftop, landing safely, but Leon's aforementioned fear of heights returned. Leon jumped too but he missed by inches. Carlos tried to help him but Leon's hands slipped and he fell 13 stories, dying on impact. Dom lied to the police that Leon died alone.

Carlos made a graffiti tribute to Leon, adorning the sewer with stars and a ghostly image of him, the tag under it in orange, white, and black saying 'Turbo102' (102 meaning October 2, the day he died). He was found by Gina and she unwittingly convinced Carlos that King Tut's snitching was what led to Leon's death. Carlos painted a mural labeling Tut as a snitch, and Tut killed him for it. Tut also stole the TURBO 102 name and used it until 2010 when he was arrested.

The episode ends with the Turbo tribute being painted by Gina and some kids. Carlos' mother Sonia Espinosa also attended to lay flowers for her son.