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Leo Linden 1969
Dr. Linden in 1969
Leo Linden 2004
Dr. Linden in 2004
Dr. Leo Linden
Portrayed by Jim Gleason (1969)
Watson Watring (2004)
Episode Volunteers
Status Alive

Dr. Leo Linden also known as Dr. L was a doctor who worked for an underground abortion service known as JANE in 1969. As abortions were illegal at the time, to protect his medical license, Dr. Linden relied on intermediaries to bring patients to him and handle the money. In 1969, these were Julia Hoffman, a former patient of his, and Gerard Gary.

On June 3, 1969, Julia and Gerard brought over a teenage girl named Renee. The procedure went as planned and they left. Dr. Linden would never see Julia and Gerard again, however. They disappeared shortly after leaving with Renee.

JANE ceased to exist after the law changed in 1973 and abortions became legal. Dr. Linden was still living at the same address in 2004 when Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens knocked on his door. He was understandably puzzled at first when they asked for JANE, referring to the group as if it was a person. Dr. Linden explained that was an organization.

After hearing that Julia and Gerard's remains had been found, Dr. Linden told them what he knew about the last time he saw them. He had no idea where to find Renee but directed them to Colette Ferguson, who had taken over for Julia after she and Gerard disappeared.