Lennie Desalle.JPG
Desalle in 2004
Lennie Desalle
Portrayed by Sonya Leslie
Episode The Woods
Status Alive

Lennie Desalle was the second female homicide detective in Philidelphia, after Lilly Rush. She joined the squad in the spring of 2005.

Three weeks after joining, Desalle was called to the scene when the skulls of nine women were found buried in the back yard of a house formerly owned by Simone Marks. Detectives Rush and Scotty Valens quickly identified the remains as the victims of Simone's son, serial killer George Marks, who had hunted and killed several women in the woods, taking their heads as "trophies".

Lennie was part of the investigation into the murder of Simone, who was killed in the house in 1972, as well as the manhunt for George, who was still at large. After George was killed in a stand-off with Lilly, Lennie took down the pictures and information that the detectives had posted on George's victims.

Lennie was not seen or mentioned again after this episode. The squad was joined shortly thereafter in the following episode "Family" by female detective Josie Sutton, who was in turn replaced by Kat Miller weeks later. In the episode "Torn", Lilly said there were two female Homicide detectives (herself and Miller), suggesting Lennie was no longer in Homicide at that point.

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