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Lee Mavoides 1989
Lee in 1989
Lee Mavoides 2010
Lee in 2010
Lee Mavoides
Portrayed by Peter Vack (1989)
Andrew Bowen (2010)
Episode Almost Paradise
Status Alive

Lee Mavoides was the former best friend of murder victim Felicia Grant.


Meeting in middle school, specifically in the sixth grade, Lee and Felicia grew very close, hanging out with each other as much as they could but hiding their friendship. Even Suzie Hill, Felicia’s other best friend since elementary school (first grade), didn’t know about them. Lee and Felicia would watch The Twilight Zone and make pizzas together. At some point, their friendship evolved into more, with things leading to another and they wound up having sex.

But sadly, as middle school ended and they began attending McKinley High, the two drifted apart. Felicia made new friends, started dating football player Cole Austen in her junior year, joined more school activities, and became more popular while Lee became more unpopular, as he already was and being forgotten by Felicia. He became an "afterthought", as Lee himself described, and was very hurt by that. He had a reputation as a nerd and bad boy at school.

In 1989, Lee took Suzie to senior prom. They had art class together, and he also partly hoped to get a rise out of Felicia. Lee and Felicia low-key traded barbs at each other the whole night, though he was slightly concerned about her. They finally confronted each other, with Lee expressing his bitterness over how much she changed. Felicia confessed to feeling alone and empty in her popularity, and he told her he knew she was miserable. They hugged, beginning to reconcile, and were caught by Suzie.

Later in the parking lot, Lee had a brief altercation with a drunken Cole over the former sleeping with Felicia in the past until she broke it up. Lee stormed off. He then left prom to get high and ended up at an IHOP.

Lee is a chef in 2010. He was questioned about Felicia's death, but there was no evidence of him hurting her. Lee was not seen after Felicia's case was closed.