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Latrell Richmond 1980
Latrell in 1980
Latrell Richmond 2004
Latrell in 2004
Latrell Richmond
("Julius Smith")
Portrayed by Trent J. Cameron (1980)
Ray Campbell (2004)
Episode Glued
Status Alive

Latrell Richmond was falsely accused of the murder of eight year old, Tim Barnes, and appeared in the twelfth episode of season one, "Glued". He spent 24 years on the run under an alias, "Julius Smith", before the Cold Case team tracked him down in 2004.


In 1980, Latrell Richmond was seen hanging around on the street corner near the convenience store Tim Barnes visited. He and his friends threatened Tim Barnes into stealing glue for them to sniff.

When Tim was found murdered, Latrell told his mother that he knew it wouldn't be long before Tim's death was pinned on him, and he chose to run rather that put his family through that.

When the Cold Case team noticed another grandchild that isn't from Latrell's sisters in the photo at Wilma Richmond's house, they guess correctly that it must be Latrell's son. They track down his estranged girlfriend, who has less than favourable things to say about Latrell/Julius and points them in the right direction to find him.

After spending an afternoon of "No Drugs Today", someone gets information to Vera, Jeffries and Valens on Latrell's whereabouts and he is apprehended in a drug house in the early hours of the morning.