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Larry in 1942
Larry in 2007
Larry Scholz
Portrayed by Toby Meuli (1942-1944)
Jonathan Terry (2007)
Episode Family 8108
Status Alive

Larry Scholz was a prison guard at Manzanar in 1942. He clashed with Ray Takahashi after Ray asked him if he had relatives fighting for the Nazis. He spied on Ray for some time after that, but after witnessing Ray's collapsing marriage and desperate struggle to hold his family together, he backed off, partially from pragmatism and partially from pity. He was transferred to Italy, where he served the remainder of the war. He was at the same army navy game that Ray attended the night he was murdered, but didn't meet him.

In 2007 the team interviewed him. Larry was unrepetant, saying that he was doing his job. He countered by asking if they didn't feel nervous about sitting next to an Arab on a plane after 9/11. Larry told them about his observation of Ray, and that he had seen Ray and his wife when his wife told him she was pregnant a second time. He confessed that after seeing Ray's desperate predicament, he couldn't bring himself to harass him after that.