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Larry Kenick 1998
Larry in 1998
Larry Kenick 2007
Larry in 2007
Larry Kenick
Portrayed by Marcus Giamatti
Episode The Good Death
Status Arrested

Larry Kennick is a former nurse, arrested and imprisoned when it came to light that he was an Angel of Death responsible for six mercy killings via morphine at Jackson Hospital over the course of a decade.


In 1998, Larry was present when Doctor Lason told Jay Dratton and his wife, Caroline, that Jay had an inoperable and likely untreatable tumor the size of a tennis ball in the back of his head, and had roughly three months to live. After Larry was introduced to Jay, the latter went on a rant about how he could beat his condition with a winning attitude, requesting the most aggressive treatments available before telling off Caroline when she questioned him, saying she probably could not wait until he was dead to get at his assets.

When Jay was on his deathbed months later, on June 28, Larry stopped by for a short time before continuing his rounds. An hour later, Jay was dead, having been given an overdose of morphine by Caroline at his own urging.

At an unknown point, Larry was arrested as a suspect in several deaths, two of them of comatose patients, which he confessed to in 2007. Since he was Jay's attending nurse, and Jay's death was deemed unusual due to high amount of drugs in his system, Lilly and Scotty went to interrogate him in the Chester Prison. Larry denied Scotty's accusation that he enjoyed "playing God", and made the claim that he killed those who had given up, and that he allowed them to go with dignity. When asked about Jay, Larry said he was a fighter, and that he "helped" people who had lost their will to live, which Jay had nothing but. After continuing to deny any part in Jay's death, Larry told the two, when asked if Jay had ever mentioned anyone named "Louise" to him, that he never heard him mention that name, but also that the two of them were never that chatty, and he knew from the day they met that Jay was someone he should probably avoid. Larry told the two about that fateful day, and Jay and Caroline's argument, describing them as "the classic rich couple, had everything, still miserable". As Lilly and Scotty prepared to leave, saying on the way out that his alibi "sucked" and they may be back, Larry muttered "Oh, I'll be here".

Known Victims[]

  • Four unidentified patients
  • Two unidentified comatose patients