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Larry Detroit 1998
Larry in 1998
Larry Detroit 2003
Larry in 2003
Larry Detroit
Portrayed by Christopher Shea
Episode Our Boy Is Back
Status Alive

Larry Detroit was a young man who lived across from Gail Chimayo's apartment. Larry was a wood worker who enjoyed building birdhouses. He also had a crush on Gail, though she wasn't particularly interested in his overtures.

On the night of August 21, 1998, Larry was working in his apartment when he overheard loud noises coming from Gail's apartment. Thinking that she might be fighting with her boyfriend Bruce Elridge, and concerned for her safety, he called 911. The police, however, heard no answer at the door and left. Gail was found raped and murdered the next day, one of several victims of a serial rapist.

Larry quickly offered a DNA sample to clear himself as a suspect but was still questioned heavily by Detective Nick Vera in an overzealous attempt to find the man responsible.

Five years later, in 2003, when the same rapist was believed to have returned, Larry was again approached by detectives. Larry refused to talk to Vera again but was more forthcoming towards Detective Lilly Rush's more concillary approach, and offered some useful information.

Sometime after Gail's killer, Carl Healey, was arrested, Larry finished and displayed another birdhouse with the words In Memory of Gail Chimayo painted on it.