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Landon in 1968
Landon in 2006
Landon Ridgely
Portrayed by Julie Mond (1968)
Valerie Wildman (2006)
Episode Debut
Status Alive

Landon Ridgely was one of the girls who had a debut in "Debut".


Landon’s mother, Irene Ridgely, was Mistress of the Rose at the time of Landon’s debut. When Emma Vine and her mother Lillian joined the country club, Landon and her mother invited Emma to join the season. Landon even offered her own boyfriend Travis Whitman as Emma’s escort, since she herself was going with his best friend, Chip, as a family business arrangement.

When Sloane told Landon of Travis and Emma supposedly getting close, she, in anger and jealousy told Emma that Travis and his family are Jewish. Knowing that Jews were looked down upon in the country club, she hoped that it would get Emma disgusted and kick Travis out of her life. So she, Landon, could have him all to herself.

On the day of the debutante ball, Landon was getting ready when she overheard Lillian explain to Matthew, Landon’s father, that Emma’s father was injured and thus could not be there for Emma to bow to him at the ball, meaning she had to drop out altogether. Mathew offered to let Emma bow to him in her father’s place. This made Landon very upset, as she felt it confirmed that her father preferred Emma to her, his own daughter.

Later that evening, Landon was in a room at the country club with Travis, Chip and Sloane. The latter two were doing weed and offered Landon some, but she refused, as she had to debut in a short while. Emma then entered and tried to apologize to Landon, who only rebuffed her.

In 2006, Landon was made 'Mistress of the Rose' and was married with a teenage daughter, whom she was preparing for her own debut at the time of the investigation. After she is cleared as a suspect, Landon is seen at the debutante ball, watching proudly as her daughter makes her official entrance.