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Lance Katrola 1986
Lance in 1986
Lance Katrola 2010
Lance in 2010
Lance Katrola
Portrayed by J.R. Cacia (1986)
Jay Thomas (2010)
Episode One Fall
Status Arrested

Lance Katrola is a character in "One Fall". He is the wrestling promoter for WIC. He preferred garbage wrestling over the clean cut athletics of other promotions.

Lance saw great potential in Mick "The Machine" Malone and eventually pushed him as the champion. Mick, however, did not like Lance pushing his wrestlers to do more extreme spots with no regard for their health or safety.

Lance ordered "Sweet" Sil Tavern to throw Mick through a table during their rematch. Mick almost broke his neck but the spot looked great and convinced TV stations to broadcast WIC wrestling. Mick's son Tim Malone imitated the spot and ended up in a coma for five days.

Lance went to the docks one night after Mick told him to meet him there. Mick wanted to quit because of what happened to his son and Lance's dangerous management. Lance insulted Tim so he was given a headbutt. In response, he shot Mick dead. Sil witnessed the whole thing but was indebted to Lance and said nothing.

Lance is Philly's top wrestling promoter in 2010. Both he and Sil were interrogated. Before their lawyers arrived, the cold case team tricked Sil into thinking that Lance gave him up so Sil gave him up first and they were both arrested.