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Kristi Duren in 1986
Kristi in 1986
Kristi Duren in 2009
Kristi in 2009
Kristi Duren
Portrayed by Anna Wood (1986)
Susan Diol (2009)
Episode Dead Heat
Status Alive

Kristi Duren is a minor character from "Dead Heat".

She was a horse trainer in 1986. Kristi was in a relationship with jockey Sonny Sandoval. She told him that his favorite mount Firewalker was being put out to stud on the orders of Randall Baxter, which angered Sonny. Kristi did not know that Randall has his stud horses killed for insurance money.

Sonny broke up with Kristi shortly after and urged her to take a job in Florida. This contradicts Randall's claim that he fired her.