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Kip Crowley in 1985
Kip in 1985
Kip Crowley in 2004
Kip in 2004
Kip Crowley
Portrayed by T.J. Thyne (1985)
John Kassir (2004)
Episode Greed
Status Alive

Kip Crowley was an employee and lover of Charles Danville.


Kip grew up with his mother Mavis Breen and a number of stepfathers (his mother having gone through four divorces). He was very close to his mother.


He was working for Blaine and Sons when Danville approached him, Beau Munger, and Randy Price at the Arbitrage. The men all started to work for Danville selling shares in Nevrex. Unlike Beau and Randy, Kip didn't realize Nevrex was a dummy company.

Kip quickly fell in love with Danville. While buying a cherry red Mustang, he told Danville how he felt, after which they started dating. He introduced Danville to his mother, hoping to convince her to invest in Nevrex. Unknown to mother and son, Danville had been sleeping with the other.

When Stu Livermore went to the headquarters of Nevrex and found it to be a sham, Kip offered to help Stu and promised him that Danville would personally contact him. He was very upset to learn that Stu was right about Nevrex. He confronted Danville about Nevrex and learned that he was not going to do anything about Stu losing all his money. Danville laughed it off and admitted that he was a "heartless bastard", which Kip refused to believe. After begging him to not scam his mother, Kip is then subject to a cruel breakup.

Distraught, Kip took the train home to his mother's, apologizing for losing her money and telling her about his relationship with Danville. Afterwards, unbeknownst to him, Mavis went back to the hotel parking lot and killed Danville. After Danville's death, Kip quit the stock market and eventually became a high school math teacher. He remained close to his mother.

Nineteen years later, in 2004, when Philadelphia Homicide detectives came asking about Danville's murder, Kip remained defensive about him, saying that he only said what he said to help Kip succeed, and that it wasn't Danville's fault he couldn't cut it in the financial world. He eventually admitted that he was still in love with Danville. For a short while, the detectives believed Kip was the killer. It was only after telling Mavis that Kip was facing charges that she confessed to the murder. Detective Lilly Rush allowed Mavis and her son to say goodbye. Kip was very devastated to learn that his mother had killed Danville.