Kim Jacobi 2006
Kim in 2006
Kim Jacobi 2007
Kim in 2007
Kim Jacobi
Portrayed by Ellen Woglom
Episode Stalker
Status Alive

Daughter to murder victims Adam Jacobi and Emily Jacobi, sister to murder victim Stewart Jacobi, "friend" to Rick Lambert, and stalking victim/almost murder victim of Ed Marteson. Her family were killed by Ed, a young man who was obsessed with Kim and who also really wanted to be her boyfriend/lover. He thought he was saving her from "the pain" her family was giving her, but he was dead wrong; they worked out their problems already before he came. He also thought he first met "Kim" when they became friends online and later became romantically involved. But actually, it was Emily that Ed was communicating with. She did that because she was trying to communicate with her friends from their hometown, Cincinatti, Ohio. They moved from there to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But she pretended to be Kim because she despised her appearance and wanted to be like she was: pretty, healthy, etc., characteristics that her daughter reminded her of.

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