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Kevin Drew 1967
Kevin in 1967
Kevin Drew 2009
Kevin in 2009
Kevin Drew
Portrayed by Drew Osborne (1967)
Duane Whitaker (2009)
Episode The Brush Man
Status Alive

Kevin Drew is a character from "The Brush Man". He is the son of Glenn and Diane Drew. Kevin befriended Roy W. Dunn.

Kevin witnessed his father's tryst with another man at park (which explains why he was not allowed there). He then found his mother and Roy together. Roy tried to explain but saw that Kevin was beaten up. Kevin confessed that his dad did it and Roy went off to confront him. Roy disappeared after that. Kevin became estranged from his parents in the years since.

Roy was confirmed dead when his remains were fished out of a pond in 2009. When Kevin was tracked down by the Cold Case team, he confessed everything, leading to his father's arrest. He and his mother reunite and imagine Roy watching over them.