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Kenneth Yates 1991
Kenneth in 1991
Kenneth Yates 2008
Kenneth in 2008
Kenneth Yates
Portrayed by David Julian Hirsh (1991)
Scott Paulin (2008)
Episode True Calling
Status Arrested

Kenneth Yates is a character in "True Calling". In 1991, he was teaching at an inner-city school, Reeves high school. Kenneth took Laura McKinney under his wing when she arrived there. He was a realist and told her to just concentrate her teaching efforts on one student with potential. She found her one in Renaldo Ramos.

Kenneth had a dark secret; he took cocaine and Renaldo was his mule. Kenneth had become fed up with his job, trying to do so much for so little. He was caught snorting coke by Laura, who urged him to quit and stop using Renaldo. She warned him to either resign or be reported. Kenneth chased Laura down and shot her in the back with a gun he stole from Margaret Trudlow. Renaldo saw the whole thing but said nothing because he thought that no one would believe him.

Kenneth had moved on to a more prestigious school by 2008. He was arrested when Renaldo confessed to witnessing Kenneth commit the murder.