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Kenneth Watson in 1991
Kenneth in 1991
Kenneth Watson in 2009
Kenneth in 2009
Kenneth Watson
Portrayed by Jemal McNeil (1991)
Ronald William Lawrence (2009)
Episode Read Between the Lines
Status Deceased (2009)

Kenneth Watson is a character in "Read Between the Lines". He was the ex-husband of Alice Watson. They acted as foster parents for Donalyn and Meesha Sullivan in 1991.

Kenneth was a trucker and was not around much. During one of the times where he was around, he made it clear he had pedophilic urges towards Donalyn, apparently wanting her to leave the house because of them. She composed a rap song titled "Read Between the Lines" which would have exposed him. The song alluded to Kenneth as "The Phantom" because he took her to watch The Phantom of the Opera once. Donalyn was murdered instead. The Watsons got divorced a year later and Alice raised Meesha by herself.

In 2009 when the case was reopened, Kenneth lied he was on a fishing trip in Baltimore with a friend when Donalyn died, and that he and Alice divorced after she had a miscarriage. Zeb "Zen" Edwards told the cold case team about the molestation. After the police learned that Kenneth was actually in D.C. with a teenage girl, Will Jeffries and Kat Miller went to see him but he shot himself. They found child pornography in his possession.

It was revealed in the end that Alice discovered Kenneth's preference for younger girls and planned to protect their foster daughters from him, only to kill Donalyn so that Meesha could stay with her.