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Ken Westin in 1973
Ken in 1973
Ken Westin in 2005
Ken in 2005
Ken Westin
Portrayed by Larry Dorf (1973)
Michael Mantell (2005)
Episode Honor
Status Alive

Ken Westin was a man who had been seeing Janet Burton.


At some point prior to 1973, he claimed that he had gone to Vietnam. He claimed that he had been there for 11 months before being sent home to illness. When he returned home, he began spending time with Janet Burton and her son Ned. After Carl's return home, she broke up with him but he still kept an eye on the family.

After Rex Potter's memorial, he was rudely given the POW bracelets from Carl Burton. At the same time, Daniel Potter came by and rudely threw a bottle at him before rushing off after Carl.

Years later he forgot about the bracelets and his home became a crack den. He became a security guard who had a fear of guns. When the bracelets were found years later, it allowed the case to be reopened.