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Ken Mazzacone in 1978
Ken in 1978
Ken Mazzacone in 2004
Ken in 2004
Ken Mazzacone
Portrayed by Johnny Palermo (1978)
Joey Diaz (2004)
Episode Disco Inferno
Status Alive

Ken Mazzacone is a minor character in "Disco Inferno".

He was the dance partner of Doreen Denova. Ken was also dealing cocaine for the Bell Club's owner, Neil Chaney. However, he was addicted to the drug and snorted up all the product, leaving him in debt and unable to perform properly. Doreen got Paul Chaney to try to hurt Benny Rosen so she and Ken could win a dance contest. It instead led to the burning down of the Bell. There seems to be no love lost between Doreen and Ken as she was eager to rat him out to the Cold Case team.

Ken was finally busted for drug dealing in 1982. He did some prison time and afterwards became a taxi cab driver. Ken was questioned by the Cold Case team in 2004 but all he could tell them was that he and Sonya Witkowski saw Benny's father come to the club the night of the fire. This led to an emotional moment which had nothing to do with the case.