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Kayla Odoms
Kayla in 1987
Kayla Odoms
Portrayed by Precious Wright
Episode Time to Crime
Status Deceased (1987)

Kayla Odoms was the victim in "Time to Crime". She was the 6-year old daughter of Mike Odoms and Jessie Odoms, and the younger sister of Darnell Odoms.

On the night of August 9, 1987, Kayla was taken by her mother to a park where she was accidentally killed in a drive-by shooting. A man even ran three blocks to a payphone to try to save her life but the ambulance arrived 30 minutes late.

Kayla's case was reopened in 2005 when a MAC-10 was turned in to the precinct in a gun buyback program. Ballistics tests proved that this was the gun that killed her. The cold case team determined that it was sold by Rodney Johnson, a local arms dealer. He revealed that he was the man who tried to save Kayla and that he had an affair with her mother. Jessie admitted to the affair and that she took Kayla to the park that night to try to see Rodney. At first, the team thought Mike found out about his wife's infidelity and decided to retaliate but he was at work. Rodney confessed that he sold the gun to a boy matching Darnell's description.

The team confronted the Odoms and Mike confessed to the crime, but it was no use. Darnell confessed that he found out about his mother's affair and decided to kill Rodney. He instead accidentally shot his sister and then threw the gun in the river.

In the epilogue, Rodney and Darnell are both arrested. Lilly Rush deposits the MAC-10 in the precinct armory and imagines seeing Kayla. The symbolism is not subtle; Kayla will not be the last victim of gun violence in America.