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Kate Butler
Kate in 2005
Kate Butler
Portrayed by Maddy Curley
Episode The Long Blue Line,
Into the Blue
Status Deceased (2005)

Kate Butler was one of the first female cadets at Pennsylvania Military Institute. She was murdered by Ryan Stewart which was covered up by Moe Kitchener.


Despite her father's wishes, she applied and got into Pennsylvania Military Institute for the fall of 2005. As one of the two females, she decided immediately to immerse herself in the life by shaving her hair off herself. Throughout her time there, no one was happy she was there. However she gained a friend Keith Henderson, the lone black man on Echo squad, as she tutored him. She was given James Addison as an older peer to talk to and he would have her shine his shoes every Sunday.

During on such Sunday, James noticed a bandage on her hand and made her show him her hand. After seeing stitches on her hand, he forced her to tell him what happened to her. She revealed that she had been assaulted with a saber whilst showering, which caused her to bleed and crash to the floor. Her friend Keith found her and took her to the infirmary but when confronted about what had happened, she refused to name names or reveal what actually happened.

On November 15, 2005, Ryan accidentally killed Kate by knocking her out, with her not getting up. Ryan was then directed by Moe to dump her body in a foot locker from storage along with her things. Moe drove the box along with Kate's possessions to Roxborough cemetery and buried it.

In 2009, her remains were discovered, causing the truth to come out.