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Julios Carver in 2000
Julius in 2000
Julios Carver in 2006
Julius in 2006
Julius Carver
Portrayed by Jeremy Davidson
Episode Dog Day Afternoons
Status Arrested

Bank robber and con-man who manipulated people into getting what he wanted from them by finding their weaknesses and exploiting them. His brother is Rick "The Hat" Carver. His friend is Phil Jorgenson. The three of them robbed the bank, wearing Johnny Cash masks, ultimately leading to Roween Ryan's death.

He approaches Roween Ryan at her bank and starts flirting with her, pointing out her "Gone With the Wind" book that she must like adventure and romance. He and her start dating, with him recommending her a biography about Johnny Cash and June Carter. According to Rick, Julius falls for Roween. He also tells her that they will be robbing the bank, and convincing her that it will be okay. Julius tells her that he'll call off the bank robbery but Phil says that he was lying to her. Phil tells Roween that Julius actually has someone else, Darla Dunaway. During the bank robbery, Julius orders Phil to shoot her for pressing the silent alarm and he does.