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Julie in 2006
Julie Vera
Portrayed by Nina Siemaszko
First Appearance Superstar
Last Appearance Flashover
Status Alive

Julie Vera is Nick Vera's ex-wife.


At some point prior to the start of the series, she and Nick got married. They had been together for 12 years, with them trying to have kids. Unfortunately it caused a strain on the marriage.

In 2005, when his high school girlfriend Megan Easton showed up needing help, she grew insecure and grew upset when Nick would spend him time away from home. Despite him trying to fix everything by trying to adopt, they decide to get a divorce instead.

She isn't seen again until 2010 when Nick showed up suddenly at her door. He knew that she had remarried but was surprised to learn that she had two children: a son in preschool named Clint and a 2 year old daughter. Nick left before they could talk which she revealed to Kat Miller and Will Jeffries when they were looking for Nick.