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Julie Reed 1978
Julie in 1978
Julie Reed 2008
Julie in 2008
Julie Reed
Portrayed by Lindsey Haun (1978)
Bonnie Burroughs (2008)
Episode Roller Girl
Status Alive

Julie Reed is a character from "Roller Girl". She was a seemingly promiscuous girl who befriended Missy Gallavan after the latter moved into the neighborhood in 1978. Missy's mother Simone Gallavan did not approve of their friendship.

One night, Julie and Missy went to skate at the adult rink owned by Rick Rendell. Julie was drugged by Rick and found passed out in a back room by Missy, who intervened and took her home. However, Julie had a crush on Rick and was angry that Missy ruined her chance to get a boyfriend so she refused to allow Missy to stay over at her place. After she slammed the door on Missy's face, Julie heard a bicycle ring which belonged to Missy's friend, Hugh Mastersen (her killer). She also realized that she was raped by Rick.

After Missy died, Julie was blamed for her death by Simone. Remorseful over abandoning her friend that night, she made some serious life changes.

Julie is a mother to two girls in 2008 and worked to keep them away from bad influences, like herself in her youth. She had kept Missy's satin jacket and passed it down to her own daughter, Tiffany. After Missy's case was closed, Rick was arrested for raping Julie. She also returned the jacket to Simone and they reconciled.