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Mrs Valentine in 1953
Mrs Valentine in 2007
Juliana Valentine
Portrayed by Danielle Bisutti (1953)
Diana Douglas (2007)
Episode Devil Music
Status Alive

Mrs. Juliana Valentine is a character from "Devil Music". She was the husband of Ed Valentine, mother of JP Valentine, and aunt of Bingo Zohar in 1953.

Juliana at first appears to be a prim and proper 1950's woman. She advised Bingo's girlfriend Miranda Allison to convince him to stop pursuing rock music and settle down at the family's diner.

It's only near the end of the episode where Juliana reveals to Bingo the truth about herself: She dropped out of college to marry Ed and raise a family, but he is unfaithful to her. She then told Bingo that American Bandstand wants a recording from him and helped him complete his original song. Unfortunately, he is murdered by JP before he can record it.

In 2007 after Bingo's murder is solved, Juliana is completely alone in her home; her nephew was killed, her husband had died some time ago, and her son has been arrested for murder. She is last seen perusing her old college books, wondering what might have been.