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Julian Bellowes 1949
Julian in 1949
Julian Bellowes 1958
Julian in 1958
Julian Bellowes
Portrayed by Johnathon Schaech
Episode Libertyville
Status Deceased (1958)

Julian Bellowes is the victim in "Libertyville". He was raised a poor black man, but was light-skinned due to taking after his mother, who was Creole.

When Julian joined the army in 1949, he checked "Negro" on his ID papers. A sergeant thought this was a mistake and corrected it to "Caucasian". Julian had been living as a white man ever since.

Julian became a real estate developer at Kemp and Sons Incorporated and rose to vice-president. He married Caroline, the daughter of his boss Harrison Kemp.

Julian's biggest achievement came when he convinced Angelo Romano to relinquish his company's profit share on a worthless piece of land called Somerton in exchange for remaining partners with Kemp and Sons. Kemp would build Libertyville on that site.

Julian had been providing financially for his family but was too afraid to reveal his heritage. His sister Regina tried to convince him to come home because their father James is dying. They encountered Julian's old army buddy George Watson during their meeting.

Julian's brother-in-law Harry Kemp started looking into his background and thought he was a con man. Harry tried to attack him at the Senator's Club so Julian had to come clean. He took Harry to his father's funeral but Julian himself could not attend.

Ironically, all this talk of race is not what got Julian killed; he approved of George's bank loan so he could buy a house at Libertyville but it was turned down. George cut Julian's throat in a fury. Julian's dream was to build a housing development for ex-servicemen like himself, only for him to get killed by one.

After Julian died, Harry told his father about the former's secret and Harrison used his influence to cover up the investigation. Julian's wife Caroline was pregnant with their daughter Joy when he died. It would take another 25 years for the first black family to move into Libertyville.

In 2009, a former maid at the Senator's Club named Mary Chisolm learned she was dying so she told the Cold Case team about the coverup. After the case was solved, Julian's spirit appeared to Caroline and Regina, who had just met each other for the first time.