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Judy Enright 1990
Judy in 1990
Judy Enright 2003
Judy in 2003
Judy Enright
Portrayed by Kerrie Keane
Episode Churchgoing People
Status Alive

Judy Enright was a member of the congregation of St Anthony's Episcopal Church in Roxborough, where she sang in the choir. Though married, Judy carried on an affair with the organ player at her church, Mitchell Bayes, until he ended it due to his daughter Tina finding out, as he didn't want his daughter to be ashamed of him.

After Mitch was killed later that evening and found in an alley in Kensington, Judy assumed, like everyone else, that Mitch had solicited and was killed by a prostitute. She continued to deny the affair, not realizing that her husband, who was in a wheelchair and incapable of physically confronting Mitch, had called the Bayes home that night and informed Mitch's son Ryan of the affair, telling him his father was a 'cheating sinner'. Mitch's wife Charlotte, heard this as well and was ultimately discovered to have been the one who killed him.