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Judith in 1963
Judith in 2005
Judith Jones
Portrayed by Melinda Allen (1963)
Mimi Cozzens (2005)
Episode Strange Fruit
Status Alive

Judith Jones is a character from "Strange Fruit". She was married to Henry Jones and is the mother of Charlotte Jones. Judith befriended Zeke Williams through their shared love of chess.

Her husband Henry had been raping their maid Mathilde Jefferson, unbeknownst to Judith. Zeke helped Mathilde but ended up in jail. Judith told him that they were not friends and urged him to leave town. However, her husband and his brother Billy Jones forced her to tell them where Zeke was going by threatening to kick Judith out and take Charlotte away from her. Zeke ended up dead by their hands.

Henry had died some time before 2005. Judith and Charlotte, however, were able to watch Billy and his cronies get arrested for Zeke's murder.