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Josh Freely 2001
Freely in 2001
Josh Freely 2003
Freely in 2003
Josh Freely
Portrayed by Don McManus
Episode Fly Away
Status Arrested

Josh Freely appeared like an ordinary social worker and was the case worker for Rosie Miles and her daughter Toya. Rosie was put under social services' eye after a DUI with Toya still in the backseat. While it appeared he was a somewhat fair social worker, Mr. Freely had a dark side of him that only few (including Rosie) knew. But due to Rosie's head injury she got after "being thrown" out a window in 2001, she initially had little memory of what he did.

After digging, Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens discovered Rosie had put a camera in her apartment. They find a video with an unidentified man trying to touch Toya, inappropriately. But after interviewing Rosie again, she reveals it was Toya's room and she took the couch. They find a drawing in Toya's closet of the man that both her and Rosie feared, Freely. They soon discover that many other single mothers had complained that Freely was inappropriate with their daughters.

The detectives confront Freely and accuse him of being a pedophile. He merely smirks and replies, "like anyone gives a damn". Freely refers to the mothers as "trailer park trash" and "welfare queens", claiming no one cares about people like them. Lilly calls a bluff that the girls he molested are there and told him to confess before they did. Freely falls for it and confesses that Rosie did threaten him, but not with the tape.

Freely had tried to molest Toya while Rosie was in the shower but Rosie stopped him and called him out as a predator. In response, he criticized her for having Toya's room a mess and falsely accused her of drinking again. When Rosie tried to stand her ground and protested that she stopped drinking, Freely showed his true colors and shouted, "I tell you! You don't tell me! You drunk, dumb bitch!" Rosie held her tongue and apologized, to which Freely threatened that he was going to take Toya away from her and that he'd have to take care of her by himself. He threatened for Rosie to wait for the knock on the door, when she least expected it.

Rosie took that threat seriously and Freely, inadvertently, caused the death of Toya; Philip Williams, a student who volunteered at Toya's school with arts & crafts, brought Rosie leftover pizza, while not knowing about Freely or when her ex-boyfriend Angel Rivera had broken into her house and stolen the tape. Phillip opened the broken door and this frightened Rosie, fearfully believing it was Freely coming to take her child. Not wanting her daughter to be a victim like she had been, Rosie jumped out the window with Toya.

Freely was last seen sitting in the interrogation room being identified by one of the girls he molested. The number of victims he had was at least nine. He was likely arrested.