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Johnny Harkin
Johnny in 1967
Johnny Harkin
Portrayed by Chad Lindberg
Episode The House
Status Deceased (1968)

Johnny Harkin was a prison inmate at Northern Penitentiary in 1967.


At some point he was arrested and sent to prison like his grandfather Willie Harkin had been in 1945. Willie had dug an escape tunnel which helped 11 other prisoners escape along with him (though they were caught in an hour).

While in prison he became friends with Hank who was another inmate that had been framed for stealing cigarettes and then sent to the infirmary after the Warden broke two of his fingers and beat him.

Two weeks before Hank was thought to be killed, Johnny was paroled. Johnny grew close to Hank's old flame Bobbi who was helping Hank escape the prison for good.

The night that Johnny Cash performed, Hank escaped out of the tunnel and there was a standoff in the tunnel, resulting in Johnny's death by Hank. Bobbi, who saw the whole thing, directed Hank to put on Johnny's clothes and dressed him in his prison jumpsuit.

This would result in Johnny's death being perceived as Hank's until 2004, when Homicide detective Lily Rush came to know the truth. As the statute of limitations had run out on the murder, Hank couldn't be arrested, even as it was done in self-defense.

Scotty Valens imagines seeing Johnny outside Northern Penitentiary in the epilogue.