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John Powell 1995
Powell in 1995
John Powell 2005
Powell in 2005
John Powell
Portrayed by Googy Gress
Episode Ravaged
Status Alive

John Powell is a character in "Ravaged". He owns Samson's Tavern, which is a front for criminal activity. He runs drugs and operates a dogfighting ring out of the place.

In 1995, John's waitress Sloane Easton became attached to an injured dog named Ravage and wanted to keep him. She was a drunk so John fired her but she gave him oral sex to let her stay. She was found dead later that night.

In 2005 when Sloane's case was reopened, John confessed to the sexual extortion but he was innocent of her murder. He is last seen walking Ravage, who John adopted after Sloane's death.