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Doctor 1963
"The Doctor" in 1963
Doctor 2009
"The Doctor" in 2009
John "The Doctor" Norwood
Portrayed by Channon Roe (1963)
Muse Watson (2009)
Episode November 22nd
Status Alive

John Norwood (better known as The Doctor) is a minor character in "November 22nd". He was a pool player who taught Patrick Lennox some new moves so he can be ready against Baltimore Red. John told Patrick to focus on the game and not on his daughter, Hillary Rhodes.

In 2009, John is living in a retirement home. He regrets giving Patrick that advice and wishes that he had someone who would visit him. John even tries to get John Stillman to play a quick round of pool with him because he is so lonely. He is last seen playing a solo game while looking back at the door hoping someone will come in.