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John Clark in 1976
"Shameless" in 1976
John Clark in 2009
"Shameless" in 2009
John "Shameless" Clark
Portrayed by Michael Raymond-James (1976)
Jonathan Banks (2009)
Episode Jackals
Status Arrested

John Clark (better known as "Shameless") is a character from "Jackals". He is the leader of the Jackals' motorcycle club.

In 1976, Darren Malloy and Sarah Blake tried to run away together with some money Sarah made from drug running. Shameless killed Sarah after Darren sold her out.

He is arrested in 2009 with help from his former enforcer Monster (aka, State Police Officer James Drew). Shameless is last seen being perp walked past Monster. The Jackals' operations also get shut down thanks to testimony from Libby Traynor.