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You may be looking for John Stillman or John Finn.

John 1979
John in 1979
John 2004
John in 2004
Portrayed by Cody McMains (1979)
Brian Cousins (2004)
Episode Daniela
Status Alive

John (last name unknown) is a character from "Daniela". He was the former best friend and schoolmate of Chris, and also friends with Cassie.

John was known for hiring prostitutes. His soon-to-be-ex-wife Kaitlyn, who he had been abusing, gave the cold case team a home movie that he made with Chris which seemed to show them killing a girl named Daniela who they thought was a prostitute in 1979. John straightened everything out by showing the other half of the film which showed Daniela alive. He also claimed that he had sex with her. Chris revealed that John got worked up and threatened Daniela with a gun. in response, she beat him up, took his gun and threw them both out. John's volatile behavior caused Chris to start avoiding him.

The detectives conducted a welfare check at Daniela's old place but found evidence of foul play. They later find out that Daniela was transgender. At this, John admitted that he did not have sex with her. He then points them to his former friend Cassie. She said that John was unaware of Chris and Daniela's romance and did not notice how Chris was listless during prom because his father Pops forced him to abandon the transgender girl he loved.

John is last seen trolling the streets for prostitutes, but this time, he rejects their advances and drives off.