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Johanna Kimball 1981
Johanna in 1981
Johanna Kimball 2007
Johanna in 2007
Johanna Kimball
Portrayed by Kelly Overton (1981)
Cindy Pickett (2007)
Episode Blood on the Tracks
Status Arrested

Johanna Kimball is one of the murderers of her husband Jack and her friend Sara Lowell, having Porter Rawley as her accomplice and the second murderer. They put a bomb inside her house that exploded during the night and made everyone believe that it had been a gas leak.

Jack and Sara wanted to confess to the police that they were responsible for a crime they all commited several years ago which took the life of Sara's boyfriend/fiancé, Paul McBride. But Johanna was terrified of going to jail so she convinced Porter they could start a new life. Everyone believed that it was Johanna and her husband that were killed, but later it is revealed that Johanna took Sara's identity, living all those years pretending to be her, because they were very physically similar.