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Joe Young
Joe in 1985
Joe Young
Portrayed by Bradley Stryker
Episode Kensington
Status Deceased (1985)

Joe Young is the victim in "Kensington".

He was married to Mary Young and they were expecting a baby. Joe and his friends, Butch Beard and Monty Fineman, worked at a textile mill until it was closed down in 1985. They tried to start their own taxi cab company but it went nowhere. Joe then worked as an eviction officer and had to throw the family of Butch's sister out into the street. He could not take it either so he quit that too.

Joe beat Ham Dunn in a poker game. He was falsely accused by Dunn of cheating. This led to Joe finding out that their former boss Bob Johnstone had lied about not wanting to sell the mill. He, Butch and Monty retaliated by robbing Johnstone's house but they found it empty and abandoned--they even failed to steal a chandelier.

Angry and disappointed, the trio stopped by a gas station. An argument erupted between Monty and Butch. Monty pulled out a knife and tried to stab Butch but instead killed Joe, who tried to defuse things. He was abandoned to die, with his body also being robbed by Ham. Monty and Butch didn't attend Joe's funeral out of shame.

In 2005, Ham was paroled from prison for stealing an ATM machine. Before he left, he confessed to robbing Joe's corpse to James Hogan, whom he did not know was Joe's nephew. James got the cold case team to find Ham and tell them what he knew about his uncle's murder, leading it to getting solved.

Joe's spirit does not appear at the end of the episode. Instead, he appears through flashbacks in the memories of Monty, Butch, Ham and Mary.