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Joe Washington 1970
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Joe Washington 1973
Joe in 1973
Joe Washington
Portrayed by Cory C. Hardrict
Episode The Runner
Status Deceased (1973)

Joe Washington was a 21-year-old police officer who was the victim in "The Runner".


Joe at first seemed to be an upstanding young cop from North Carolina. He was married to Diane Washington and they were expecting a baby. But Joe was leading a double life; he actually grew up in the projects and gave a false name when he was arrested at 17 for drug dealing. With his new identity, Joe straightened himself out and went into the army before becoming a police officer.

He was raised by Samuela Robbins and became a big brother figure to her granddaughter, Samantha Robbins. Joe wanted them to live with him away from the projects. Diane followed Joe when he visited Samuela and Samantha, and thought he was cheating on her.

Joe was murdered by his former best friend, Mason Tucker, when he caught him raping Samantha. Diane suffered a miscarriage after Joe's death.


Samantha pretended to be a homeless woman named Niecy and brought in Mason's tape recorder, which was in the car when he killed Joe. The detectives found that Mason had since reformed, got out of the projects, and is living a cushy life in the suburbs. He was arrested. After the case was closed, Samantha got to meet Diane. Lilly Rush imagined seeing Joe in the local cop bar where his portrait still hangs.