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Joe Bosquay 1978
Joe in 1978
Joe Bosquay 2008
Joe in 2008
Joe Bosquay
Portrayed by Peter Giles (1978)
Ron Harper (2008)
Episode Roller Girl
Status Alive

Joe Bosquay is a character from "Roller Girl". He was dating Simone Gallavan in 1978. Her daughter, Missy, didn't trust Joe and claimed that he made a pass at her.

One night when Missy and her friend Julie Reed went to Rick Rendell's skating rink, Missy had to call Joe when she found Julie passed out in a back room, having been drugged by Rick. However, Rick bribed Joe with cocaine to keep him quiet, so Missy took Julie home by herself.

At some point after Missy's death, Joe and Simone broke up.

In 1991, his 16-year-old stepdaughter Celeste accused him of sexual assault, though the charges were dropped under pressure from her mother, who believed in Joe.

In 2008, Dawn Wheeler claimed that she saw Missy get into Joe's van in order to get a reduced sentence. Though he was unsavory, he was innocent of Missy's death. Joe gets slapped by his ex-girlfriend Simone, however.