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Crumbs 1945
"Crumbs" in 1945
Crumbs 2005
"Crumbs" in 2005
Joe "Crumbs" Crumbly
Portrayed by Eric Ladin (1945)
Thomas Kopache (2005)
Episode Colors
Status Arrested

Joe Crumbly or "Crumbs" is a character from "Colors". He is an enthusiastic fan of baseball. Even in the present, Crumbs likes to regale people with his knowledge of the sport's history.

In 1945, he was the manager of one of the Negro League teams. Crumbs was particularly friendly with Clyde Taylor, whom he had discovered. On the day of the Negro League team vs the Major League team exhibition game, Crumbs told Esther Davis to end her relationship with Clyde so that nothing can hold him back from going pro. When Clyde found out, he decided to quit instead to be with Esther. Crumbs freaked out that his meal ticket was leaving him behind and bludgeoned Clyde with his own baseball bat.

Crumbs was arrested in 2005, after telling his stories to Leonard Hughes.