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Jimmy Tully
Jimmy in 1951
Jimmy Tully
Portrayed by Wilson Bethel
Episode Shore Leave
Status Deceased (1951)

James 'Jimmy' Tully was a young marine who was murdered by his boss/drill sergeant, Hal Chaney, during a heated argument over Jimmy's refusal to go along with Hal's plans.


During Shore Leave in 1951, Jimmy had gone out for a night on the town. This led to him rustling up trouble at a Navy bar and meeting the future Nora Lee. Nora and Jimmy became infatuated with each other immediately, but Nora would never see Jimmy again after that night. Eventually, she realized she was pregnant and gave birth to Peter, his son, after he died.

While Jimmy was called away, it was revealed that the theft of another officer's gun was pinned on Lenny Snow, a 15-year-old recruit who lied about his age in order to serve his country, and whom Jimmy would defend from the other marines. He convinced Lenny not to go AWOL in exchange for proving his innocence. Jimmy eventually tracked the gun to his best friend Max Heidhorn, who'd pawned it as a joke. He got the money from Nora later on to get the gun back by pawning her mother's necklace, giving her his father's pocket watch as collateral.

Upon bringing the gun to Sergeant Chaney, Jimmy discovered that Chaney had pinned the theft on PFC Snow in order to get him washed out, as he thought Snow wasn't fit to serve. Jimmy protested this, leading to a struggle. Chaney shot and killed Jimmy with the revolver. He would dump Jimmy's body in an oil barrel, concealing the murder for 57 years.

Jimmy's ghost appears to Nora at the conclusion of the investigation.