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Jimmy Tate
Jimmy in 1988
Jimmy Tate
Portrayed by Chuck Hittinger
Episode Family
Status Deceased (1988)

Jimmy Tate was a high school graduate, the boyfriend of Quinn Ellis, and the birth father of Claire Tate. He was murdered by his math teacher, Jered Wyatt.


According to classmate Angie Parrington, Jimmy's father ran out on him when he was little and his mother was a part-time waitress who wasn't around much. At some point after entering high school, he kindled a relationship with Quinn. He also found a father figure in his track coach, Bruce Johnson. Angie had a crush on Jimmy, but he didn't reciprocate.

During their senior year, Quinn informed Jimmy that she was pregnant, supposedly due to the weekend they'd spent together. After being lent $200 by Coach Johnson, Jimmy approached the school nurse, Laura Graham, and informed her of Quinn's pregnancy and their plans to get an abortion. However, he was dissuaded when Nurse Laura showed him graphic pictures.

After Jimmy gave the money back and told Coach Johnson that he and Quinn would raise the baby together, Coach Johnson intimated to Jimmy that he may not be Quinn's "one and only". When Jimmy told Quinn about Coach Johnson's suspicions, she finally confessed to him that the coach had raped her one day when she was alone in the locker room. Devastated, Jimmy broke up with Quinn, unable to accept his father figure could do such a thing.

Jimmy later accepted his math teacher Jered Wyatt's offer to adopt the baby after catching him in an affair with Nurse Laura. However, when Quinn gave birth to a girl on prom night, Jimmy couldn't bring himself to give their daughter away. He reneged on his deal with Wyatt, after which Wyatt ran Jimmy down with his car as he was walking away to return to Quinn and Claire.

In 2005 after his murder is solved, Jimmy is "seen" by Detective Lilly Rush happily looking on as Quinn and Claire, who had been given up for adoption, begin to form a relationship.