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Jimmy Bruno 1968
Jimmy in 1968
Jimmy Bruno 2006
Jimmy in 2006
Jimmy Bruno
Portrayed by Brian Hallisay (1968)
Chad Everett (2006)
Episode Forever Blue
Status Alive

Jimmy Bruno was the partner and secret lover of Sean "Coop" Cooper.


Jimmy Bruno was married to Eileen Bruno and they had three children. He was a police officer for the Philadelphia Police Department. His partner was Sean Cooper. Unlike Coop, Jimmy was happy to bend the rules, like taking bribes.

Coop and Jimmy were close friends, with Coop often coming over to spend dinner and the evening with Jimmy and his family. While on patrol one day, Jimmy and Coop arrested Teddy Burke, a notorious crime leader who dealt drugs. Their superior officer, Tom McCree, dressed them down, as Burke had a special understanding with the police.

That night, Jimmy and Coop drank beer in Jimmy's backyard. Their discussion soon turned into an argument, with Jimmy accusing Coop of liking killing because it reminded him of his stint in Vietnam and Coop angry that Jimmy was in on the take. The argument got physical, with Coop punching Jimmy, and then, shortly after, kissing him. Jimmy kissed him back. The entire episode was witnessed by Eileen, who was pregnant with their third child.

Jimmy and Coop began seeing each other secretly. Owen Murphy, a fellow officer, found them when he observed them talking and rubbing hands. Coop and Jimmy talked about their feelings for each other. Coop told Jimmy they were the lucky ones, because they had found true love with each other. Jimmy was scared, not wanting to leave his kids.

The other police officers began to suspect that something was going on between the two, and began teasing them. Owen Murphy told McCree and Brogan "Sarge" Cooper, Coop's father. Coop continued seeing Jimmy, despite being warned off by both Eileen and his father.

Brogan planned with McCree to have both Jimmy and Coop beaten to stop the relationship. On the night the attack was meant to take place, Jimmy told Coop that he was no longer going to be coming around to Coop's place. Jimmy claimed that he hadn't been right for months and that he "ain't no queer". Jimmy would later confess that the reason he didn't go out with Coop that night was that if he got in the police car, the whole world would know he was gay. He took a rookie out with him on patrol that night, leaving Coop alone.

McCree shot Coop that night. In his dying breaths, he told Jimmy over the radio that they were the lucky ones. Jimmy, clearly distressed, raced to the scene but Coop was already dead.

Sometime later, Eileen divorced Jimmy due to his relationship with Coop. He retired after 25 years on the police force.

Jimmy remained closeted about his sexuality and his relationship with Coop until the Philadelphia Homicide Department reopened the investigation into Coop's death in December 2006. At first, he denied that anything had happened between him and Coop, and insisted that neither Coop nor him had been gay, even after John Stillman informed him that Eileen had known. Lilly Rush told Jimmy that he needed to tell the truth for Coop's sake. He finally confessed that he was gay and that he was still in love with Coop and missed him.

Soon after McCree and Brogan were arrested for their part in Coop's murder, Jimmy went back to where the old carpark where their police squad was. He saw Coop's ghost standing by a cop car, and held Coop's hand.