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Jimmy Bartram 1982
Jimmy in 1982
Jimmy Bartram 2007
Jimmy in 2007
Jimmy Bartram
Portrayed by Jack Weber (1982)
Brian Poth (2007)
Episode Justice
Status Alive

Jimmy Bartram was the younger brother of Tessie Bartram, one of Mike Delaney's rape victims.


Jimmy's parents died when he was very young. In 1982, he was 12 years old and living with his older sister Tessie, a college student, in an apartment in a poor neighbourhood. That year, Mike Delaney raped Tessie in their apartment. Jimmy overheard the rape but didn't let his sister know.

Jimmy waited at the police station while Tessie made a report of the rape to Maggie Lafferty.

On the night of Mike's graduation, Jimmy followed Tessie and the other rape victims. He watched as they threatened Mike with a gun and forced him to admit that he raped them. The women left after Tessie announced she wasn't going to become Mike by killing him, and threw the gun in a bin. Jimmy witnessed Mike laugh about the women's attack, so he picked up the gun and threatened Mike with it, while Mike denied that he had raped Tessie. Eventually, Mike taunted Jimmy about what he did to his sister, and Jimmy shot him because he "couldn't let him hurt [Tessie] ever again".

Jimmy later went to college while his sister supported him. He became a lawyer.

In 2007, when the Philadelphia Homicide squad reinvestigated the murder, Jimmy was initially involved as Tessie's lawyer. When Lilly Rush realised that Jimmy himself was responsible, she (along with Scotty and Tessie) pleaded with Jimmy to claim he shot Mike in self-defense. Despite Jimmy confessing to the murder, it was ruled a defensive homicide (and not without reasons, as Jimmy was a pre-teen boy and a young adult like Mike could potentially have snatched the gun and killed him) and he was not charged.