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Jim Horn 1964
Jim in 1964
Jim Horn 2008
Jim in 2008
Jim Horn
Portrayed by Rob Mayes (1964)
Chris Ellis (2008)
Episode Wednesday's Women
Status Arrested

Jim Horn was a character from "Wednesday's Women". He was discharged from the army and joined the KKK, unknown to his sister Kitty Doyle.

Jim and Kitty played host to Miriam Forrester when she arrived in Hazelton, Mississippi to sell Tupperware. One day, they had a run-in with another saleslady, a colored woman named Belinda Hutchins. Miriam's interaction with her and other suspicious behavior convinced Jim that she was a Wednesday's Woman.

Jim lured Miriam near the swamp and exposed her to his fellow Klansmen but she played her saleslady schtick so well that they didn't believe him. Embarrassed and enraged, Jim ran Miriam down with his truck and then sank the vehicle in the swamp.

In 2008, the cold case team reopened Miriam's case. They found out from her fellow Wednesday's Women that whatever vehicle ran her down was in the swamp. They recovered it and determined that it belonged to Jim. He was arrested for murder in front of Kitty.