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Jerry Stone
Portrayed by Mark Lawson
Episode Yo, Adrian
Status Deceased (1976)

Jerry Stone was the victim in "Yo, Adrian". He was a 24-year-old “wannabe” boxer who would tragically lose his life in his first match. Jerry aspired to be a real boxer. He became even more determined after watching Rocky.


At some point prior to 1976, Jerry began boxing but had yet to participate and win in a match. He began seeing Gina Caroll, who was the daughter of Sonny Carroll, a boxing referee. Sonny thought that Jerry was a bum.

Jerry was put up for a fight against Mad Mo. Jerry proposed to Gina the night before the fight but she told him that the fight was fixed. Mo's going down in round 1 and that Jerry should play along. Disappointed that she didn't believe in him, Jerry took back the engagement ring. He did not want to fight anymore but he was convinced by Father Pat McGuire to prove himself. Jerry gave the ring back to the pawnshop, got his money back and then paid Sonny to keep the fight going all 15 rounds.

The next night, Jerry ruined the bet by avoiding Mad Mo in the first round. Jerry proceeded to get pummeled. Sonny pleaded to him to stay down but he refused. Father Pat (who was Jerry's cornerman) threw in the towel but the fight kept going. Jerry lasted all 15 rounds, proving to everyone that he could go the distance. He triumphantly shouted, "I'm not a bum!", then ended up dying due to his injuries.

In 2005, Sonny confessed on his deathbed that he had been bribed to keep Jerry's fight going. In the epilogue, Gina imagines seeing Jerry at her father's funeral reception.