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Jerry in 1999
Jerry in 2004
Jerry Kasher
Portrayed by Spencer Daniels (1999)
Noel Fisher (2004)
Episode The Plan
Status Alive

Jerry Kasher was one of the abuse victims of Nash Cavanaugh seen in The Plan.


At some point prior to 1999, Jerry was sent to Wilkes Military Academy For Boys where he became the second abuse victim of Nash Cavanaugh, his swim coach/teacher. It was during this time that he had taken some of Nash's magazines to show the other kids, causing Nash's other victims to realize that they weren't alone being abused. Along with RJ Holden and Dominic LaSalle, they came up with a plan to get back at him. When they worried about being caught hitting Nash in the pool, they rushed away.

In 2004, he was still at the academy.