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Jenny 1958
Jenny in 1958
Jenny 2006
Jenny in 2006
Jenny Hawkins
Portrayed by Sarah Drew (1958)
Rutanya Alda (2006)
Episode Static
Status Alive

Jennifer Rosemary "Jenny" Monaghan (née Hawkins) is the daughter of John "The Hawk" Hawkins and Dottie Mills.


When Jenny was four, her father left her mother at the latter's insistence. Years later when Dottie remarried, Jenny was adopted by her stepfather. However, Jenny found old photos of when she, Hawk and Dottie were a family. It caused her to want to have a relationship with her biological father and she began tracking him down. At some point in 1958, Jenny found her father and met him at a diner, though didn't reveal her identity during their conversation. She kept following Hawk around and trying to contact him. As a result, her relationship with Scott "Skiz" Stenkovic fell to the wayside.

Jenny also displayed an interest in singing. On the evening of the Little Richard concert, she gave her father a record of her singing the lullaby he had composed for her 13 years ago, "Scarlet Rose", that told him she was his daughter. They planned to go on a trip together, with Jenny being able to sing back-up in California. She only cared about spending time with Hawk. Unfortunately, Jenny never got the chance because her father was murdered, with the gun being put in his hand to look like a suicide.

Years later, Jenny got married, changing her name to Monaghan. It wasn't until 2006 that she learned that her father didn't commit suicide, but was in fact killed by her mother to prevent Jenny from following the same fated musician path of Dottie's late father. Jenny is last seen sitting at her piano with only Hawk's memory to comfort her.