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Jeff Kern
Jeff in 1983
Jeff Kern
Portrayed by Chad Donella
Episode It's Raining Men
Status Deceased (1983)

Jeff Kern is the victim in "It's Raining Men". He was from a rich and influential family but disowned by his father Ben Kern for being homosexual.

Jeff was lovers with Artie Russo, but they had an open relationship and Jeff was also in a relationship with Carlo Fishman. Jeff and Carlo both worked in a gay men's sauna. Unbeknownst to him, Carlo was HIV-positive and Jeff himself had accidentally infected Artie through sex with Carlo. Jeff tried to warn men not to go to the sauna. In the end, the place burned to the ground and he was blamed for it.

Determined to find a cure for Artie, Jeff threw a party for the most influential (and closeted) gay men in Philadelphia where he urged them to use their powers to raise awareness against AIDS. When they refused, he threatened to reveal their identities. Jeff was warned by Carson Finch that there will be retaliation if he went through with it. Jeff's brother Paul Kern was also present and revealed to have had a relationship with Carson's late friend Leonard. Jeff saw Paul break down upon hearing of his ex-lover's death.

Jeff was out of options and decided to ask his father directly for help. Paul became afraid that his brother would out him to their father and in desperation, he killed Jeff. Out of remorse, Ben fast-tracked Artie through an anti-AIDS drug trial which saved his life.

In 2004 after his murder is solved, Jeff's spirit is last seen by Artie after his wedding to Russell Bennett.