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Jed Huxley in 1979
Jed in 1979
Jed Huxley in 2006
Jed in 2006
Jed Huxley
Portrayed by Mark L. Young (1979)
Ben Bode (2006)
Episode The Key
Status Arrested

Jed Huxley is a character in "The Key". He is the son of Alison Huxley and Bill Huxley.

Jed was helpless in 1979 as his parents' marriage floundered and his father began having an open affair with their neighbor Libby Bradley. He taught Libby how to drive and discovered how unhappy she was in her marriage. Her situation mirrored that of his own relationship with his neglectful parents, and they grew close.

Jed attended Helen Bradley's sweet 16, where an intoxicated Libby ended up sexually dancing with him after falling out with his father. Though uncomfortable at first, this caused Jed to develop an infatuation with her.

The next day, they went into the woods to observe the eclipse, where Libby brought supplies for Jed to make a pinhole camera. However, she returned the car key, telling him their driving lessons were over because she needed to focus on her daughter. Jed made an advance on Libby but she refused. Angry that he's been refused again, Jed stabbed Libby with an ice pick. He was horrified as she bled out and fled. Jed stuffed some of her belongings in a tree.

In 2006, Libby's belongings were found by some campers, which included Bill's car key. He revealed that his son Jed had a copy. This led to Jed being arrested for Libby's murder. It is unknown what his parents thought of his crime.