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Jason McNulty 1982
McNulty in 1982
Jason McNulty 2007
McNulty in 2007
Jason McNulty
Portrayed by Clint Carmichael (1982)
Mark Hutter (2007)
Episode Justice
Status Alive

Jason Mcnulty was the father of Shania Mcnulty, who was one of Mike Delaney's rape victims in 1982.

After Shania's assault, she came to her father for help and comfort, but he didn't believe her. Jason blamed her, saying that "nice girls" don't let boys into their rooms. It was a statement he would regret soon afterwards.

Shania was completely broken by her father's words. She became more and more reclusive, and extremely depressed, until the trauma became too much and she committed suicide in her dorm room with Jason's gun. It's hinted Shania was a writer or a poet, as she kept a diary and wrote about her rape. Jason felt guilty and went to Officer Lafferty, who was completely shaken by Shania's death that she went to the district attorney. But the DA didn't believe she had enough evidence to prove Mike's guilt as a rapist.

After Mike's murder case was reopened 25 years later, Jason was interrogated. He admitted his failure to support Shania but didn't kill Mike.