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Jarrod Jones
Portrayed by Dondre T. Whitfield
First Appearance Spiders
Last Appearance Bombers
Status Alive

Jarrod Jones is a former gang member and the father of Veronica Miller. Veronica was conceived when Jarrod had a one-night-stand with Kat Miller, a police officer working undercover in the 1990s.

After being released from prison and making an effort to turn his life around, Jarrod asked Kat to let him see Veronica, but she refused. Initially, Kat claimed she didn't want her daughter exposed to Jarrod, due to his criminal past but later admitted to Nick Vera that she didn't want Veronica to find out the kind of person her mother was in the past and think less of her. Some time after Jarrod told Kat he'd found a job in another city, Kat relented and allowed father and daughter to meet. Jarrod moved away soon after.